Meet The Therapists

“Healing begins from the core, the gut, center to circumference and when your colon is cleansed, healing begins.” This statement comes from Barbara who believes and makes it her mission daily to help others to accomplish this phenomenon.          Read More

Massage Practitioner

Pedro T.

"I like to take my clients on a journey of healing, giving their mind body experience all of the care, attention and professionalism they deserve."

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Dr. K. G. Mancell

Medical Director

I.T. Analysis


Anthony L.

"Giving of myself with the wealth of knowledge and experience I have attained over the years bring purpose and meaning to my life as a natural healer."

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“Many people tend to play mind games with their personal health. Being a professional gamer gives me a different perspective on life and the importance of maintaining ones own personal wellness mentally, physically as a whole.”           Read More

Mary Shardaé  

Spa Director

Skin Therapist

"A smile illuminates the soul and healthy skin radiates confidence. Our face is our first impression. I love helping people put their best face forward."

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Barbara Lynn

Lead Therapist

Colon Hydrotherapist